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Making Christmas Stockings for AVIVA

The Stocking Mission:

Chapter member Carol Backus has held an annual charity Stocking Sew event in her home for more than 20 years. During the summer she encourages members to make large stockings from colorful holiday fabrics to stow toiletry articles, small toys and other items for youth who are relocated into foster care. An average of 200+ stockings are donated each year to the AVIVA Child Protective Agency in support of the cause.

The 2015 annual Stocking Sew-A-Thon was held on September 10. Members produced close to 300 stockings at last years event.

Seen here is a sample of the pattern used to make the stockings. Carol asks that these dimensions be the smallest size made: bigger if desired, but please, no smaller. Bigger stockings are preferred.

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